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Paint Stripping and Coating Removal

We strip all types of paint and organic coatings:

  • E-Coat
  • Powder coatings
  • Epoxy and wet processes
  • Protective and anti-corrosion coatings
  • Lubricative coatings

Specialists in automotive coatings and parts.

Pickle and Oil Service (Derusting and Deoxidation of Metals)

Techno Strip also removes rust and oxidation from various metals and all types of production parts, including:

  • Rusty production parts
  • Stampings
  • Castings and forgings
Cleaning, Maintenance, Repairs and Fabrication of Paint Shop, Printing and Production Tooling
  • Paint fixtures
  • Paint hooks and racks
  • Chains
  • Conveyors, tracks and pallets
  • Printing screens
  • Boxes, baskets and bins

We use some of the largest batch cleaning ovens in the industry. These thermal units are designed for fast and efficient cleaning of paint hooks, racks, fixtures, trees and reject parts and are equipped with advanced process controllers to assure a uniformly controlled dual temperature system protecting against warpage and distortion.

Our thermal cleaning processes are environmentally friendly and all our ovens are certified by the Ministry of the Environment.

Production Degreasing

Our batch degreasing process removes working lubricants off your production parts. We can strip drawing compounds, forging lubricants and anti-corrosion coatings.

Cleaning of Injection Moulds and Tooling for Plastics Industry

We are experts at cleaning tooling for the plastics processing industry including:

  • Injection molds (manifolds, plates and components)
  • Blow molds
  • Extrusion screws
Process Equipment Descaling Service (Mineral Deposit Stripping)

Techno Strip can clean and descale all of your plant's process equipment, including:

  • Heat exchangers
  • Steam coils
  • Washer line components
  • Phosphate coils
  • Pumps
  • Storage tanks

Our descaling process offers you two cleaning choices: inhibited acid bath cleaning or hot alkaline stripping.

How do we do it?

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